"Dad Says..." Lunch Box Notes Template for Download

Last school year I wrote a note every morning to each of my daughters and stealthily placed them in their lunch bags. Sometimes the notes were to encourage them. Other days I wrote congratulatory notes for a job well done. The majority of the days, however, the note was advice on how to be a a good human being by building others up, adding value to the world around them, and helping other people.

I realized how much both girls enjoyed the notes when I forgot to put the notes in their lunch bags one day a few weeks into the school year. I learned that even their friends would look forward to the notes. The girls have saved all those notes (for what purpose, I'm not sure), so I'll call this activity a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes each night or morning.

You can download a copy of the Dad Says note template that you can print at home. I also created a Mom Says version for Mom's who want to add a little something extra to their child's day.


Screenshot of downloadable template