Is it even possible to call measuring spoons cool? If you're talking about these spoons, you bet!

If you're like me, you probably own at least one set of round measuring spoons. You've probably also tried at least once to get that big ol' tablespoon inside a jar of garlic powder, onion salt or any other small spice jar, to no avail. The solution I've always used is to very slowly and carefully try to pour the spice into the tablespoon without overfilling and spilling. Not a big problem and certainly not anything I've ever lost sleep over; however, I now own something so painfully simple that I'm now amazed that not all measuring spoons are like this.

RSVP Spice Measuring Spoon, Set of 6


Imagine that...measuring spoons elongated to easily fit into spice jars so that you no longer to do the slow pour routine. Go ahead, buy some, it'll be the best $12 you've spent on your kitchen in a long, long time.