How to Replace Radiator on 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport 3.3L

A semi-common problem on Dodge Caravan mini-vans is that the brackets that hold the transmission oil cooler in place break loose from the rivets that hold the bracket to the cooler. When this occurs, the brackets and transmission oil cooler move freely against the radiator and this can cause a leak in the radiator. This happened on my 2001 Dodge Caravan so I had to repair the transmission oil cooler & replace the radiator.

The two videos below will show how to replace the radiator on a 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport and also show a the results of how I repaired the broken rivets on the transmission cooler.

Tools & parts that you will need to perform the repairs:

(1) Radiator for Dodge Caravan (I paid about $112 from Amazon w/ free shipping)

(1) Upper radiator hose for Dodge Caravan

(1) Lower radiator hose for Dodge Caravan

(4) Stainless steel hose clamps approximately 2"

(1) 10mm socket

(1) 10mm wrench (ratcheting wrench makes life easier)

(1) 13mm socket

(1) 8mm socket or wrench to remove headlight bolts

(1) Small pry bar to remove plastic body panels (or this specialty tool is probably even easier)

Optional Stuff

(1) Tube of Dielectric grease

(1) Tube of anti-seize compound

Transmission Cooler Bracket Repair Tools

(1) Riveter (Got one from Amazon or $24)

(4) Aluminum 1/8" x 1/4" rivets; (1) 3/16" x 1/4" rivet; (4) 1/8" washers; (3) 3/16" washers (this assortment from Amazon will give you the rivets you need)

Video Part 1 of 2