How to Replace Struts on 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport Using Monroe Quick-Strut

Replacing struts can be an expensive maintenance item for most cars. I had called several shops and got prices between $600 and $900 to replace the front struts on my 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport.

Using Monroe's Quick Struts, you can pick up the a pair of struts for under $250 and with the right tools, do the job yourself in about an hour. I created this video to show the average person how to DIY these Monroe Quick Struts on a Dodge Caravan. I'm doing the driver's side (aka, left side) in this video.

I had all of the tools that I needed to do this job and got most of the parts from Here's a list of what you'll need to make this job easier. Note that these are parts for a 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport 3.3L.

Those are the essential parts that you'll need. While you've got everything apart though, it's a good time to check your tie rod ends, as well as your CV axle. If your CV boots have any tears, holes or are leaking fluids, then replace the whole CV axle. It's an easy job when you have everything apart and adds about 20 minutes to the total job.

If you decide that you need or want to replace your CV half shaft drive axle, now is the time to do it since you have everything apart already. You can pick these up at your local Napa for around $50 for a refurbished one, or for about $60 from Amazon.